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Celebrating a successful 15th annual Lily Womenís conference. Thankful for a time of worship and connection for the women across our fellowship
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Thought for the Week LIVING LONGER

Living LongerJames HendersonHello.

If you go to church, statistics show that youíre likely to live longer. Thatís according to some recently-published results of surveys the compared the longevity of Christians compared to non-Christians.

You might think that this could be a reason for Christians to feel smug, but actually it isnít. Paul, an early Christian writer suggested that if we had hope for this life only, then whatís the point of anything? Life is not about trying to live longer. What we need is hope for life after life, an eternal life that God made possible through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Of course, itís understandable that we want to live longer, and going to church is good.

But, if you want more than that, turn to Jesus and receive eternal life.
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