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Thought for the Week IS VENGEANCE THE ANSWER?
James HendersonIs Vengeance The Answer?Hello,

If someone attacks our faith, should we attack theirs back? What if people hurt others that are close to us? Is it then acceptable to plan a way to retaliate in like manner? What about terrorist attacks? Is the solution to strike back in revenge?

The Bible gives an unexpected answer. It tells us, no matter how bad it gets for us, all vengeance belongs to our loving and merciful God, and, therefore, there is hope. With Christís help, we leave our grievances and feelings of vengeance with God.

And, what we donít do is return evil with more evil. Instead, we seek a way to bring Godís goodness into the situation. Vengeance, as we see it, is not the answer.

Godís grace is.
Best regards,
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