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Thought for the Week WHO'S LISTENING?
James HendersonWho's Listening?Hello,

“Alexa, what time is it?” my friend asked. I thought she was talking to me, and I said, “it’s me, James”. And then a voice announced the precise time from a small, white dome-shaped box by the TV. We laughed, and then proceeded to ask all kinds of questions that we thought Alexa couldn’t answer.

Alexa, the wireless personal assistant device, is gaining much popularity. It can do all kinds of things, from searching the web to dimming the lights, from telling you the weather to reminding you of your name!

Unless you purposefully switch it off, Alexa is always listening, ready to go into action at the sound of your voice. Its critics see it as having frightening “Big Brother”- like future possibilities whereas others hail it as a comforting companion for the lonely.

When it comes to the idea of someone who is always listening, the reality is that God is always listening and aware of us, and we can’t switch him off, try as we might.

God is not, of course, the private personal assistant of the faithful. Rather he is aware of everyone’s situation and his desire is to save all of us through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Talk to Jesus.

He’s always listening.
Best regards,
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