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About Us is the website of Grace Communion International ( in the UK and Ireland. The founding church, the Worldwide Church of God UK Ltd., also known as Grace Communion International, was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 1960 (Company No. 654913). We registered as a charity in 1963 (Charity No. 311098) and more recently in Scotland (OSCR No. SC040008)

The church is governed by a Board of Trustees. The National Director for the church is appointed by the Board in consultation with GCI denominational Headquarters

The church is also a member of the Evangelical Alliance in the UK

GCI is a Christian denomination with about 50,000 members that form about 900 churches in about 100 nations

Throughout the UK and Ireland we have 39 congregations with around 1200 members on our database

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Gracecom is to play its part in proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God in all the world as a witness and taking care of those whom God calls into His church through Jesus Christ

Thus Gracecom seeks to create a positive and accountable spiritual environment in which Gracecom lives and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the UK and Ireland

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