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  December 2017

Because Magazine
Hope In A Child James Henderson
A Lesson From Steve Jobs: Joining The Dots...  Gary Nichols
Conflict Is An Opportunity  Philip Stevens
Conflict Resolution  
O, Little Town Of Bethlehem Joseph Tkach
Our Hotline To Help  Ian Woodley
Space Babies  Tony Goudie
The Father’s Amazing Plan  Cliff Neill
The Glass Path Keith Hartrick
Why Is Conflict Natural?  Tony Goudie
  November 2017

Because Magazine
Listen To The Sound Of... Silence  Lianne Trevarthen
Are You Too Stressed  
Faith Heals, And Science Says So  Richard Fowler
Need A Better Connection To Nature?  Tim Stähle
Seeing What’s Right In Front Of You Joseph Tkach
Stress Is NOT Always The Enemy… And Here’s Why!  Richard Fowler
Time For Change…Again?  James Henderson
Why (Di)stress Can Be Bad  Barry Robinson
WOW! Tony Goudie
  October 2017

Because Magazine
Three Lessons In Love  Benjamin A. Robinson
Appreciating Differences Irene Wilson
Are We Over-Rating Online Dating?  Simon Williams
Do I Marry, Or....? Tony Goudie
Life: Where Do You Begin? Richard Dempsey
Satisfaction, Through Comparison, Becomes Dis-satisfaction Keith Hartrick
Speed Dating: Accept Or Reject  Richard Fowler
The Dating Dilemma Richard Fowler
The Upside Of Down Syndrome  Richard Fowler
Your First Job Joseph Tkach
 August 2017
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Because Magazine
How Do You Develop Confidence?Rachel Swinney
Finishing The Race Joseph Tkach
From Stress To Stillnessby  Janie Gadsden
Habits To Help You Achieve Richard Fowler
How To Change The World As A Young Person Anise Francis
Love Quiz Richard Fowler
Transformers: The Last Knight Josh Oram & Michael MacEwan
Why Pick Up Richard Fowler
Your Journey Questions Richard Fowler
  July 2017

Because Magazine
From The Editor... James Henderson
Manchester City United Cherilee Namee
Somebody’s Always Saying, “Goodbye!”  Cliff Neill
The Pale Blue Dot Tony Goudie
Unclaimed Baggage Joseph Tkach
We Love Because… Richard Fowler
What Unites Us? Keith Hartrick
What We Really Need Ian Woodley
Why Forgive? Barry Robinson
  Carl Aas
  June 2017

Because Magazine
An Alien Hope Ian Woodley
5 Ways To help Your Anger  
Crazy Love Joseph Tkach
I Am Right… And You Are Not Wrong! Keith Hartrick
I Thirst Eddie Marsh
Improve Your Wellbeing  
It’s All In The Attachment  Cathy Deddo
The Age Of Rage - Anger: Taming The Beast Richard Fowler
The Best Workout Of All Irene Wilson
The Key To Happiness! Tim Staahle
Want To Live Longer? Let’s Connect! Richard Fowler
  May 2017

Because Magazine
Break Down The Barriers James Henderson
Can Your Brain Ever Become Full? Tony Goudie
Fearfully And Wonderfully Made Joseph Tkach
Going Beyond Science Joseph Tkach
Love Builds A Brain Irene Tibbenham
Man Meets God At The Quantum Level Richard White
Precious H2O!  Cliff Neill
The Womb: Your First Classroom Richard Fowler
Your Brilliant Brain!  
Zooming Out Karyn Sanders
  April 2017

Because Magazine
A Risky Business? James Henderson
A Dinner With A Difference Richard Fowler
A 'Yes' Face Eddie Marsh
Back From The Dead! Really?  
Casting Call Joseph Tkach
Did Someone Steal The Body? Barry Robinson
Is Belief Outdated? Helen Francis
Was It Fake News? Richard Fowler
Would You Die For A Lie? Barry Robinson
  March 2017

Because Magazine
Article 50 And Triggering Hope Irene Tibbenham
Long May He Reign Joseph Tkach
Putin’s Joke Richard Fowler
Ready or Not… Gonna Find You James Henderson
The Doomsday Clock – Will It Strike 12?  Richard Fowler
Trump America First Tony Goudie
Want To Be A Leader? Here’s How… Keith Hartrick
Where Is Peace? Irene Wilson
  February 2017

Because Magazine
Does Anyone Care For The Soul? Joseph Tkach
Old Truths Make Sense In The Business World Tim Staahle
‘So, How Many Parents Are On Your Birth Certificate?’ Richard Fowler
The Masterpeice Joseph Tkach
January 2017

Because Magazine
You Can’t Take It With You James Henderson
Do Versus Don't In 2017 Joseph Tkach
In The Midst of War, Who Feeds The Cats? Janie Gadsden
The Great Half-Baked British Bake Off Richard Fowler

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