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James HendersonBecause Weekly appears on our website home page as Thought for the Week

It is also posted to our dedicated Because website

National Director, James Henderson, is our main writer

but we also have regular "thoughts" from Guest Contributors who are shown below
A Helping HandHow PreciousThe Supreme Court Of Grace   
A New Way Of WinningIs Vengeance The Answer?Tick Tock Ti..
A Stable Foundation?Let Your Blessings Flow’Tis The Season… To Include
An End To Terror?Life On Mars? True Love
Another Nobel Prize Not Bargaining Torture - Not God's Idea 
Are You Listening? Of Jesus And WhiskyTweet The Real Special Relationship
Beyond The RainbowPlastic ChoicesWe Need A Champion For Peace 
Beyond The WinterProof Of Friendship We Shall Survive
BreakthroughReaching For The Stars We're All Saints! 
Can Peace Be Next?ResurrectionWhere Leadership Begins 
Care In 2017 SafeWhere’s The Christian Section?
Christ, Crucified For Us Singing Of HopeWho Chose You?
Door To A New Life... Still Time To Remember Who's Listening?
God's Promises Fleshed Out Sovereign GraceWho Remembers You
Grace Triumphs Stop Irritating One AnotherWrite Your Name In Heaven...!
Hear The Message"The Ayes Have It"!  You Don't Have To Copy
Holy City Or Holy Person?The Good Judge 
Our Guest Contributors
Richard FowlerTony GoudieGavin HendersonFraser Henderson
Calming The Storm

Forgiving In Difficult Times

 Give Thanks

The Overview Effect
Beauty And Barbed Wire

Mission To The Son

No Queues For Grace

The Apple Of His Eye
Frozen Slumber?

Heaven vs Hell

The Gates Are Always Open

Thinking Positively In 2018
Jackie MillPeter MillBarry Robinson 
Migrant Care A Royal Romance

 Bastille Day

Hope For The Hungry

The Beginning Of Time

The First Black Friday

The Personal Touch

Water Of Life
 All The Lonely People

Saved By Grace

The Old Has Gone
The New Has Come

You Are In My
Thoughts And Prayers

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