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Denominational Conference Broadcasts - 5 November

Morning Session - Alan Torrance: God First Loves Us: Rethinking Christian Belonging

Afternoon Session - Joseph Tkach: As Long As I Can See The Light - available soon

Alan Torrance: God First Loves Us: Rediscovering The Place Of Christ In Christian Worship

Tammy Tkach message given to Watford Church on 4 November


Covenant or Contract?

Alan Torrance
GCI: Transforming its WorldJoseph Tkach

Hiddeness of God: Correct Perspective Presentation pdf file

Joseph Tkach

Kingdom of God: A New Creation

Joseph Tkach
LoveDr Joseph Tkach

Ministry and Mission in the Spirit

Dan Rogers
On Mission with GodDan Rogers

On to Antioch and Beyond

Dan Rogers

Preaching from the Bible:
The difference Trinitarian Theology makes

Mike Feazell

Repentance and the Gospel: Which comes first?

Alan Torrance
SermonRandy Bloom

The Christian Life and our Participation in Christ's Continuing Ministry

Gary Deddo

The Continuing Priesthood of Christ and its Significance

Alan Torrance

The Impact of Trinitarian Theology on Christian Morality and Ethics:
What Romans 12:2 and the London Cabbie's Brain have to tell us!

Alan Torrance

The Promise and Perils of Worshipping a Missional God:
Being the Missional Church

Dr Gary Deddo

The Promise and Perils of Worshipping a Missional God: Our Missional God

Dr Gary Deddo

Theology, Faith and a Life of Joyful Obedience

Gary Deddo
The Shape Of Missional LoveCathy Deddo

Why Spread the Gospel?

James Henderson

Worldwide Update

Joseph Tkach

What makes Worship Evangelical?

Alan Torrance

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