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Thank you so much for your interest in donating to the Worldwide Church of God (Gracecom), which is a registered UK charity and a member of the Evangelical Alliance

All donations, tithes and offerings are receipted unless otherwise requested, and are, of course, included in our annual audit

Gracecom is committed to the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to donate on-line? Yes, we have a PayPal account. By clicking the "Donate" button above you will be taken to their secure site where you can use a debit or credit card to make your donation.

Is it possible to use Gift Aid? Yes, it is. Gift Aid is a scheme whereby the government gives to the receiving charity 25% (regarded as the tax paid) of any and all donation amounts received from tax payers who are signed up in the scheme. This means, for example, that a donation of £10 would in effect become £12.50 once the Gift Aid is claimed. If you are a taxpayer and would like to receive a Gift Aid form please complete the boxes below.

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To whom should cheques be made payable, and where do I send them? Cheques should be made payable to “the Worldwide Church of God”, and sent to the following address:

Worldwide Church of God
PO Box 7703
Market Harborough
LE16 7ZG

What about Postal Orders? Postal Orders should also be made payable to “the Worldwide Church of God” and sent to the address above. Please note that Postal Order forms are available with a Gift Aid declaration on the reverse that charity supporters can sign to make their donations tax-efficient. If there are taxpayers who send in donations by using Postal Orders, it would be very beneficial to the Church if they also completed the Gift Aid Declaration on the reverse of the Postal Orders. It would not involve any cost to those sending the Postal Orders but would enable the Church to claim back tax.

Is it possible to donate using Internet Banking, Standing Orders and Bank Deposits? Yes, it is. Please remember to include your name and postcode and any other relevant information in the transaction reference if you would like to receive a receipt. Our bank details are:

Account Name: Worldwide Church of God

Bank: Barclays Bank PLC

Sort Code: 20-91-79

Account No: 10111856

IBAN: GB91 BARC 20917910 1118 56


Is it possible to take out life insurance policies in favour of the Church? Yes, it is. Church account and address details are above.

How do I leave a legacy in favour of the church? Should anyone wish to leave the church a legacy, the section they should include in their Will is as follows:

I BEQUEATH to the Worldwide Church of God, whose Registered Office is situated at 9 The Point, Rockingham Road, Market Harborough in the County of Leicestershire, the sum of ……. Pounds (insert “free of duty” if property is involved) AND I DECLARE that the receipt of the Secretary or other responsible officer for the said sum shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors for the said money.

What is Gift Aid through Self‑Assessment Tax Return? The Inland Revenue have begun a scheme that allows any individual who completes a Self-Assessment Tax Return to nominate the Church (or a charity) to receive all or part of any tax repayments due to them as a donation. This does not replace the existing Gift Aid scheme but is in addition to it. We have been given a specific code that refers to our charity. The Church’s unique code is TAA98WG and is listed on the Inland Revenue website. The advantages of this scheme are that the donation will be paid direct to the Church’s bank account, the form will incorporate a Gift Aid declaration, Gift Aid tax will be paid without the charity having to make a claim, and the Church will benefit from Gift Aid on any anonymous donations, should anyone select our charity from the Inland Revenue website.


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