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God Spots
John MagowanGod Spots (in Christian broadcasting terms), are short, usually 60-second, talks designed to inspire and encourage the listener in their Christian walk. As they are terse compositions, they have room for only one point, and, if presented well, can have an impact on Christian and non Christian listeners alike

The following God Spots have been composed and recorded by John from Groomsport, Northern Ireland, with some help with subject material from his church colleagues. Thanks also to Marc Pilley, a singer/song writer/guitarist, from Edinburgh, Scotland, who has helped by composing and adding the background music to the God Spot
Christmas 1Heavens DeclareServing Others
Christmas 2Life's Purpose 1Non Themed 1
EasterLife's Purpose 2Non-Themed 3
Godly HopePhysical Riches 
God's Deep LovePrecious To God 
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Going The Extra Mile
Going the extra mile to help others is a biblical principle found in Matthew chapter five

2We Are Family
From a Christian perspective believers are adopted into the Spiritual Family of God
3Power from on High
Christians realise the need for God's help when confronted with trials and temptations

God Never Forsakes Us
In spite of our sins and flaws God, thankfully, is still willing to participate in our lives

5Jumping to Conclusions
Jumping to conclusions is unwise...better to hear well a matter before we answer it
6Believe in Christ
Don't be a doubting Thomas...believe in the divinity of our Saviour, Jesus Christ
7How Good is Our Word?
God is in the business of being true to his word - a powerful example for us to follow  
8Sorry - The Hardest Word
There are times in life when we need to say from the heart, "I'm sorry, please forgive me!"  

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