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God Spots
John MagowanGod Spots are short, usually 60 second, talks or devotionals designed to encourage, inspire and challenge the listener. They are mostly used by Christian radio stations between regular music tracks

The following God Spots have been recorded by John from Groomsport in Northern Ireland, with some help with script material from his church colleagues. Marc Pilley, from Edinburgh, Scotland, has added the background guitar music to each Spot. Please feel free to share these Spots on Christian/hospital radio, or in any other way you think might be of interest to people in general
ChristmasHeavens DeclareServing Others
EasterLife's PurposeNon Themed
Godly HopePhysical RichesLATEST ADDITIONS
God's Deep LovePrecious To God 
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Linger In God's Presence
n our often busy and hectic world it is important to set aside some time to linger in God's presence
Looks Not Important To God
We can be happy in the knowledge that God places no importance in physical appearance. Rather, he looks upon our active response to his gracious promise of salvation
The World's Worst Prison
Jesus tells us that the worst prison we can enter is the prison of our unforgiving hearts and minds  

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