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In the Bible we see altars built as acts of devotion - physical reminders of God’s power, presence, and faithfulness. However, there are also times where we see God’s people want the glory for themselves and begin to worship status, power, and relationships outside of their creator. One such incidence is the tower of Babel, where people came together to “make a name” for themselves. The results were confusion and broken relationships. Take some time today to reflect on who you are worshiping. Is your life an altar pointing to the goodness of God or is it a tower for your own prominence?

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Thought for the WeekLost and Found

Lost and FoundPeter MillHello again,

Last week, I flew from Edinburgh to Zurich for a conference. On arrival, I stood at the conveyor belt watching my fellow passengers collect their suitcases. Until I was the only one left, as It slowly dawned on me my luggage wasn’t coming.

On the face of it, this situation was no big deal. I still had the clothes I was standing in. The airline gave me an emergency supply of toothpaste, soap and a razor. I was staying in a comfortable hotel. Nobody died. Yet in another sense, the experience was strangely unsettling; it felt like I had lost everything. And there was also the uncertainty of not knowing when my suitcase and I would be reunited.

Aren’t our lives a a bit like that? In the carousel of life, there are finders and keepers, winners and losers. Although in one respect, we are all losers because at the end of our lives, we all lose everything we have.

But for one third of the global population, there is hope of something bigger and better ahead. Around 2.5 billion Christians on the planet believe that in Jesus they have found the secret of eternal life. The biggest secret of all, however, is that Jesus is not just for Christians. He came to save all humankind.

To paraphrase a famous old hymn, like most luggage that goes astray, “We once were lost, but now are found.”

Thanks to Jesus, everyone’s future is in the bag
All the very best,
Peter Mill
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