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Life Club
Geoff & Jean SoleLife Club meets every so often in Watford, London, Great Baddow and occasionally in several other parts of the country. There are four Clubs that meet regularly in Nigeria. Dr Tkach attended the first UK meeting on 25 October 2003

Life Club is a Christian public speaking Club which strives to assist the Church in helping people come to Jesus. It provides many benefits including the opportunity for members to introduce their friends into a Christian environment. So far about 1,000 speeches have been given in about 250 meetings in nine countries

Clubs are always profitable and enjoyable. The goals of Life Club are to encourage:

Speech and Communication Training; Education; Christian Work, Service and Training; Networking; Spiritual Growth; Personal and Professional Development; Character Building; Friendship and Fellowship; Life Skills Development; Integrity; Confidence Building and for its members to share enjoyment

If you would like to come along to a Club or know more please contact Geoff or Jean Sole by clicking their picture
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