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Luton Ladies Day
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Saturday 16 September 2017

Farley Hill Methodist Church North Drift Way
Farley Hill

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Daria Fowler
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Luton Ladies DayDaria Fowler welcomed around 40 ladies at Farley Hill Methodist Church on Saturday 24 September and opened the event with prayer.

Sandra Davies set the tone with her talk ‘Note From A Small Soprano’, giving us tips and techniques for improving our breathing, vocal projection and singing. Like driving a car, singing can be learned and improved, and eventually becomes habitual, but one can form good and bad habits.

After Daria’s reading of a poem entitled ‘I Refuse To Be Discouraged’, Maggie Mitchell spoke about ‘Attachment Theory – the Human Need To Be Loved.’ This was a look at the psychology of attachment and relationships from birth. The formative years are so important to later productivity, contentment and happiness. Loving attachments bring comfort and joy, as in Jeremiah 31:12-13.

Luton Ladies DayAfter a wonderful buffet lunch, we heard from a Choir comprised of ladies from a number of congregations before Sarina Silcox talked about ‘Ruth: A Love Story’. She introduced her talk with a drama summarizing the book of Ruth in the Bible using volunteers from the audience. What a wonderful story of faithfulness and commitment. God is throughout the story, as he protects, guides and makes the way for these amazing women.

Margaret Gibbon read the September Prayer before our last talk of the day, given by Linda Halford on ‘Community Matters’. Linda told us how she began to get involved in her community over the past few years, and now serves as a Parish Counsellor among other things. Gill and Maggie acted out an excerpt from The Inspector Calls, that highlights community as a central issue in our lives today. One tip she gave us was that if you want to encourage others to help or volunteer, it pays to be specific. Being involved in the community gives you opportunity to let your light shine.

We left with many things to ponder and put into action, encouraged and uplifted by one another, and looking forward to next years’ Luton Ladies Day scheduled for Saturday 16 September.

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