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Post SEP 2017 Update

I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone for their prayers and financial support that have made this 50th anniversary year of SEP in the UK possible.

This week I also wrote to all those who served on setup, take down and at camp itself, to thank them for all their hard work over that period.

I continue to be deeply impressed by everyone’s willingness to serve and do whatever was needed. Together you have demonstrated in a very real way the love of Jesus. I believe it is one of the reasons why SEP was so successful this year.

Although we had many challenges, we were able to rise above them and give the young people a wonderful experience. We have had many positive comments from campers, staff and parents and we wanted to share this with you so you know your hard work is very much appreciated and highly valued. We may never know the full impact of the work we do but we can see now how lives are changed and people grow as a result of attending SEP.

2017 was definitely a big year for renewed friendships, with people coming from as far away as Australia, America and Canada as well as many other parts of the world to reminisce over old times and marvel over the intangible but unique SEP atmosphere that has endured for all these years. A grand total of 42 crèche “clients” and minicampers, 89 campers and 122 staff gathered together to celebrate this special 50th year.

During camp, my husband, Pete and I were also privileged to participate in the baptisms of one camper and one member of staff.

What has made SEP UK such an enduring success? The campers, staff and directors have changed. The venue has changed, as have the facilities. But one thing has remained the same - God has loved us and blessed us throughout that time and He is the reason above all that SEP has not just survived but thrived for each and every one of those 50 golden years.

Our Mission

SEP is a two-week Christian Summer Camp run by Gracecom. It takes place each year on the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland, generally during the last week of July and the first week of August It is a tented camp and although run by Gracecom is open to teenagers of any denomination.

It exists to:

  • assist teens as they come to understand and grow in a relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • to encourage teens to pursue the Christian way of life.

  • to promote an enjoyable and responsible experience of sporting, recreational and social activity in the rugged environment of Loch Lomond in Scotland It seeks to achieve these aims through the positive teaching, loving relationships and Christian example of all the SEP staff.

We define this as a Christ-centred environment.


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