Share Jesus


Three people in the public eye caught my attention this week for what might be considered rather unusual reasons.

With the crisis on the This Morning TV programme, presenter Alison Hammond said she was using the Bible as her Sat Nav to help her deal with the fallout from affairs, resignations, and accusations of toxicity. Former Premier League and England footballer, Peter Crouch, acknowledged that he prays every night thanking God for all he has. Paul Simon, of Simon and Garfunkel fame, has just released a new album, Seven Psalms, which sees him musing on God, forgiveness, and his own mortality.

It’s good to see these publicly recognisable celebrities openly talking about the Bible, praying, and their wrestling with spiritual issues, in the public square. But we don’t have to be a celebrity to share our faith. Each one of us can tell our story of the forgiveness we have found in Jesus and the relationship we can develop with him through reading the Bible and prayer.

Let’s guide others to our ‘bridge over troubled water’ as we thankfully declare all he has done for us.

Kind regards,
Barry Robinson

About the Writer:
Barry Robinson
is Regional Pastor for Southern England