Lost and Found

Isn’t it wonderful to hear good news for once?

We seem to be suffocating under a cloud of bad news these days and, therefore, it came like a breath of fresh air to learn that the four missing Columbian children had been found alive a week ago today. I’m sure you remember the story: they survived a plane crash in the Amazonian jungle on the 1st May and the searchers feared for the children’s lives. They were lost but now they have been found. Thanks be to God!

There are many possible spiritual analogies we could draw from this, but let’s think of just one. In a spiritual sense we have all been lost in a hostile spiritual environment which the Bible calls this present evil age. What has God done about it? The answer is that he sent his Son, Jesus, “to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10 NIV). That’s us — we were numbered among the lost. And, not just believers, but all of humanity has been found by him and in him.

That’s more good news among the bad! Jesus has found you.

Turn to him and live.

Kind regards,

Gavin Henderson

About the Writer:
Gavin Henderson
is the National Ministry Leader for GCI in the UK and Ireland