Reading through Romans: Day Sixteen

We are now over half-way as we read through the book of Romans together. The suggested reading for today is Romans 8:1-17. At this point, perhaps take the time to trace out the points that Paul has made over the preceding chapters as he build to this point in his letter, or review the introduction or overview you looked at day one. Please share your thoughts and insights with us as a comment below!

If you want to listen to this passage as audio, Bible Gateway offer a number of resources which you can access via this link:

You can also download our reading plan here:

A possible prayer based on Romans 8:1-17:

“Heavenly Father, thank you that I have the Spirit of the resurrected Lord Jesus living in me. Thank you that although I live in a body of sin which is subject to physical death I will one day be clothed with an immortal body – by faith in Christ Jesus, my God and Saviour, in whose name I pray, amen.”