Reading through Romans: Day Twenty Three

It is lovely to read the Bible knowing that we are reading it together with our brothers and sisters throughout the UK and Ireland. Today’s suggested reading is Romans 11:11-36 which end in a beautiful section where Paul praises God. If you have been reading ahead and perhaps have even finished the book of Romans, perhaps think about reading through Romans again to see what thoughts and insights you have in your second read through. And please post a comment with your thoughts below!

If you want to listen to this passage as audio, Bible Gateway offer a number of resources which you can access via this link:

You can also download our reading plan here:

A possible prayer based on Romans 11:11-36:

“Heavenly Father, I stand amazed at who you are and what you have done for me, a sinner, who was dead in my trespasses and sins, but in Christ I have been raised up into newness of life in him. How I praise and glorify you, to you be all glory, honour and might, all majesty, dominion and power. Forever and ever, amen.”