Reading through Romans: Day Twenty Four

As we continue to read through the book of Romans together, today’s passage marks a transition point in Paul’s letter as he moves on to our response to what God has done for. The suggested reading for today is Romans 12:1-13, though please feel free to go at a pace that best suits you. And please don’t forget to leave a comment below with any thoughts that strike you from the passage!

If you want to listen to this passage as audio, Bible Gateway offer a number of resources which you can access via this link:

You can also download our reading plan here:

A possible prayer based on Romans 12:1-13:

“Loving Father, too often my mind is deflected from Jesus onto the things of the world, especially when times are difficult, but I want to keep my mind on Christ. I pray that I become increasingly aware of the Spirit’s promptings in my life, so that day by day, my heart and mind may become saturated with the lovely Lord Jesus. May his nature be reflected through my actions and attitude and may my life be transformed daily, by the renewing of my mind. Help me to understand in my life what your will for me is, and may I do only those things that are good, and acceptable and perfect in your sight – for your praise and glory, and for the benefit of others. This I ask in the name of Jesus, amen.”