Reading through Romans: Day Twenty Nine

We have reached day twenty-nine of reading through the Book of Romans together! The suggested reading for today is Romans 15:1-22. As we near the end of July, this is a great time to catch up if you have fallen behind in your reading. If you have time to spare we would also encourage you to consider to re-reading the whole book of Romans over the weekend and to reflect on what strike you as you read through the text again. Please share your thoughts and insights with us below!

If you want to listen to this passage as audio, Bible Gateway offer a number of resources which you can access via this link:

You can also download our reading plan here:

A possible prayer based on Romans 15:1-22:

“Loving Father, my heart rejoices as I realise the depth of love you have for me. You truly are my glorious God of Hope, and I thank you that this is not the doubtful ‘hope’ of the world, but a definite hope that is securely founded on your unchangeable Word. Enable me to share this truth with those with whom I come in contact today, to your praise and glory. In Christ’s name, amen.”