The search for life


The Nasa Osiris-Rex capsule is due to land this coming Sunday in the West Desert in Utah. This capsule contains a sample from the surface of one of Earth’s nearest asteroids called Bennu.

This asteroid is often viewed as a harbinger of death because it is the asteroid that Scientists believe has the highest chance of colliding with the Earth (though thankfully not before next century at the earliest!).

This time, however, people are hoping this asteroid will be a harbinger of life, with scientists hoping it will contain evidence of water and the complex molecules necessary for life. If these exist on Bennu, then the chance that life exists elsewhere in the universe significantly increases.

Sometimes Christians are also viewed as harbingers of death, proclaiming a message of an unforgiving God who comes to judge and condemn a sinful humanity. Nothing could be further from the truth! The Gospel message is that Jesus Christ came to give us abundant life in him. Rather than looking to condemn humanity for our sins, God sent us his Son to save us from our sins.

If you are looking for life, you will find it in Jesus.

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About the Writer:
Gavin Henderson is the National Ministry Leader for GCI in the UK and Ireland.