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Board Of Trustees

The Worldwide Church of God UK (Gracecom) is a registered charity, and is governed by a Board of Trustees


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Update May 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For the last six months the UK Board of Trustees has been prayerfully reviewing the leadership model for the Church and, in consultation with GCI President Dr. Greg Williams, is pleased to announce the appointment of Gavin Henderson to the position of National Ministry Leader for the UK and Ireland. This appointment replaces the leadership structure of the National Ministry Team, and the outgoing National Ministry Team has expressed its support for this change.

The Board has asked Gavin to comment below on how this will affect the organisational structure of the Church going forward:

"With the new National Ministry Leader structure replacing the National Ministry Team the Church is re-organising the Pastoral Worker, Missions Developer and Ombudsman roles into three new full-time Regional Pastor roles.

Barry Robinson will be the Regional Pastor for Southern England and will continue to oversee the Word of Life project, the Bridlington Celebration and support the Church’s ACCM and GCS students. Peter and Jackie Mill will jointly be the Regional Pastor for Scotland, Ireland and the North of England and will oversee SEP, Adventure Camp, plus the Scottish and Galway Celebrations. Over time there are also likely to be some changes behind the scenes as to how the finances and administration aspects of the Church will be handled, but, for the time being, please continue to contact either Alexis or myself should you have any queries in these areas.

The Church is also currently looking for a new Regional Pastor for Central England and Wales and and a job advertisement is attached here. Until the new job position is filled, Barry, Pete and Jackie will continue to support the congregations in those areas, in addition to their own regions.

It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to serve on the National Ministry Team and I am excited to take on this new role as National Ministry Leader. It is my prayer that God will supply the skills and wisdom needed, and I am deeply thankful for the ministers and leaders God has placed in our Church, upon whom I can call for support and advice. Please also feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me for GCI going forward – my email address is

Much love from Sinead and me,

Your servant in Christ,

Gavin Henderson

National Ministry Leader”

The Board welcomes Gavin to this new role and your prayers for Gavin and his family would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

David Silcox

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have visited this page then you may well be interested in becoming a trustee of the Worldwide Church of God.

Why do we need new trustees?

Trustee’s term of office is three years. Each trustee may serve for no more than three terms of office, nine years in total, before retiring for at least one year. This requires that new trustees are added to the board on a regular basis.

What is a trustee?

A Trustee serves on two Boards; The Worldwide Church of God. (charity number 311098) and Ambassador College (UK) Ltd. (charity number 281125), and will be held accountable in law, to both the Charity Commission, the of the Scottish Charity Regulator and Companies House.

Since Ambassador College is presently inactive the following remarks apply in large part only to the Church

A trustee is legally responsible and accountable to the Charity Commission for the charitable status of the Worldwide Church of God in the UK. This means adhering to all laws and statutory requirements. Trustees have to ensure that the charity is well and efficiently managed and that the aims and purposes of the charity are being pursued. In addition trustees are the guardians of the assets and the integrity of the charity

It is acceptable that the work involved in meeting the above requirements is delegated and to that end the Church employs a National Ministry Team, who report directly to the Board, as well as full time elders and office staff.

Trustees are expected to abide by the Code of Ethics for Elders in the Church and the Statement of Beliefs

How much time does a trustee need to give?

Four Board meetings are held annually. Meetings are usually held on Sunday at the Church Office in Market Harborough and last for three to four hours. One Sunday per year may be set aside for a retreat which may take all day. Some degree of preparation time will need to be spent before each meeting

Am I paid to be a trustee?

No, our Church is a charity and trustees volunteer their service

Is there a financial cost to me?

The Church will pay any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses. Generally this means expenses incurred to travel to the Board Meeting and back again to your home

Must I be a Church member?

The Board will accept applications from any adult member of the Worldwide Church of God. The Board attempts to recruit a mix of skills and experiences

Must I attend services regularly

Yes, the Board would expect its trustees to be fully supportive of the Church and in good standing

Should I be in full-time employment?

Your employment status is not relevant as long as you are able attend Board meetings

Does my level of education matter?

No. The Board should be representative of the Church, made up of individuals with varying life, educational and job skills, able to share differing viewpoints with each other

Is there any other qualification required?

No, all Board applicants will be considered on their individual merits and possible contribution to the Board as a whole. Current membership consists of academics, businessmen/women, mothers, part-time workers, retirees, and the self-employed.

What personal qualities is the Board looking for?

The board is looking for applicants with commitment, responsibility and honesty and the ability to work as a team player. You must also have a positive vision for the 21st century Worldwide Church of God and be willing to assist in the aims of our Denominational Headquarters

Can I put forward my own opinions?

The Board welcomes and encourages a diversity of viewpoints expressed through open and dynamic discussions. Outside of Board meetings, however, the Board speaks with one voice, which is the combined opinion of the Board. This is so even where it contradicts our own personal views on a particular subject. No trustee can make decisions or take action alone. It is not the role of the Board to determine doctrine.

How will I learn all the important aspects of being a trustee?

Previous Minutes and Board documents will provide a clear history of our current position. Several publications from the Charity Commission will be made available to explain further the role of trustees and trustees are regularly sponsored on training courses

Whom do I contact for more information or to apply to become a trustee?

Contact the Operations Manager of the National Ministry Team, Gavin Henderson

9 The Point Rockingham Road
Market Harborough

01858 437099


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