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Monday 9 – Monday 16 October 2023
Beverley Park Holiday Centre
Goodrington Road

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We’re all included in God’s grace at Paignton 2023!

Thank you for joining us at this year’s Paignton celebration! The theme is “who are called to belong to Jesus Christ” from Romans 1:6 (NIV). We will explore this comforting scripture, so that we can all be assured that we belong to God and that we are accepted by him. The plan is to move away from the traditional Paignton format and to create more of a retreat concept. The 5pm services will be shorter and more focussed on the theme scripture, and there will be more free time. The schedule so far is:


8pm to 9pm. Introductory praise event and Communion.


9.30am -10.30am – Prayer meeting

5pm to 6pm – Services (Barry Robinson)


9.30am -10.30am – Prayer meeting

5pm to 6pm – Services (Hilary Buck)

8pm to 9.30pm – Quiz and games


5pm to 6pm – Services (Pete Mill) 

8pm to 9pm – Q&A (G Henderson)


9.30am -10.30am – Prayer meeting

5pm to 6pm – Services (Jackie Mill)


1pm to 4pm – Children’s event

5pm to 6pm – Services (James Lambu)

6.30pm to 10pm – BBQ and disco

15 -10-23

9.15am -10am – Prayer meeting

11am to 12.30pm – Final worship service (G Henderson) followed by Communion.*

7.30pm-9.30pm – Irish House Party (Pete and Jackie Mill)

* Please note that an offering will be received during the service. James Henderson (mobile: 07766913455)