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James HendersonThought for the WeekFaithful


In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been advised by health ministers to limit sex to well established relationships. In other words, not to sleep around and not to have multiple partners.

It’s for practical reasons, of course, and not a question of returning to old-fashioned Christian morality. It’s about stopping the spread of the virus, not about the virtues of faithfulness and of the sanctity of marriage.

But is it the cart before the horse?

Call me old-fashioned but maybe, if we had followed the original advice of Jesus and his followers, we’d be in a better place right now. Loving faithfulness is good, and, if we put that as a first principle in relationships, there’d be less transmission of communicable diseases and more harmony in society.

Let’s be faithful.
Best regards,
About the writer: James Henderson is an Elder and the
European Superintendent for Grace Communion International

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