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The GCNext Team is a team of emergent young adult leaders in GCI USA who have said yes to an opportunity to be equipped and empowered to actively participate in the ministry of Jesus. It was a Spirit-inspired weekend of prayer, fellowship, team building, visioncasting, planning, games, worship, and more. We are encouraged by the enthusiasm this team has for what God is doing in GCI. Please join in prayer for these faithful leaders as they continue to follow Jesus and say yes to participating with him in ministry
James HendersonThought for the WeekQuick!


Act quickly. It’s only common sense.

The news this week is that, if you suspect you could have coronavirus or have been exposed to it in some way, self-isolate without delay. The idea that a person should be isolated speedily in order to prevent the spread of communicable diseases has been around for centuries.

Quick intervention is also necessary for spiritual disease, which is sometimes called sin. Sin, be it lying, abuse, gossip, cheating, violence or whatever, harms yourself and other people. Just like a disease, it needs to be recognised, isolated and dealt with before it spreads and gets out of hand.

One man, Jesus Christ, said that we should take drastic action as soon as we see the onset of sin. What if we raise our right hand as if to strike someone else? Then, he suggests figuratively, cut it off! He’s not talking about self-mutilation, but he is talking about isolating the problem and dealing with it right away.

And, just like the medical profession is there to advise those dealing with coronavirus, so Jesus is here to help us address and overcome our sins.

It’s not too late.

Act quickly to stop sin in its tracks.
Best regards,
About the writer: James Henderson is an Elder and the
European Superintendent for Grace Communion International

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