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James HendersonThought for the WeekAnd Not A Drop To Drink

And Not A Drop To DrinkHello.


Drinking water. Around the world major fresh-water rivers are under threat from the salt content of rising sea levels, and natural underground reservoirs are being steadily depleted.

This week the news is that even in England’s green and pleasant land groundwater is being extracted at an unsustainable pace, and that a water crisis will hit its shores within 20 years. It seems impossible, unthinkable even, bearing in mind how much rainfall we have in the British Isles. The UK’s reputation as the umbrella nation might drizzle out!

Most religions see water as a gift from God. In fact, it is valued so much in the Christian tradition that it’s linked to eternal life. Drink the waters of Jesus and of his teachings and you’ll live forever, is the thought. He is the fountain of living waters.

Whatever our view, there’s no doubt that we need water. Fresh, vibrant, life-sustaining water.

Let’s value it and use it wisely.
Best regards,
About the writer: James Henderson is an Elder and the
European Superintendent for Grace Communion International

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Genesis 25:21 - In life, we often face disappointment when the things we want most don’t come when or how we expect them to. Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebekah, but nearly twenty years went by without them being able to have children. Then Isaac “prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife” and God graciously enabled her to conceive. Is there someone close to you whose heart’s desire has yet to be met? Have you prayed to God on their behalf? Keep praying as you wait. God does listen and answer, even though his timing and purposes may be different than what we prefer.
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