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1 October - Service change for London
Gavin HendersonThought for the Week


I, like many people around the world, was glued to the TV screen on Monday, watching the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. As I watched the nation mourn, I was struck by how difficult it must have been for the Royal family – to have to grieve the death of the Queen with all the public’s attention focused on them.

I know this week, it will not have been just the Royal family who are mourning the death of a beloved one. In the UK around 10,000 people die each week – each death leaving its mark on the friends and family of the person who died.

Is there any hope for families who have been separated by death? Will we ever get to see our loved one again? The Christian message is that there is hope to be found in Jesus. In the Bible Jesus is called in the Bible the ‘Firstborn of the dead’, a reference to the fact that, just as he rose from the dead, we will too.

As we look back on the grandeur and spectacle of Queen’s Elizabeth’s funeral, let us also look forward to an even greater event to come. The time when every knee shall bow, amongst both the living and the dead, the time when Jesus Christ, the King of Kings shall return in glory.

Great will be that day.
Warm regards,
Gavin Henderson is
National Ministry Leader for Grace Communion International in the UK and Ireland

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