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God Spots - Christmas

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Appreciate the Birth of Jesus
The eternal Son of God was willing to divest of his divine power and take on human flesh

Christmas and Children
It’s important that we pass on the good news of our Saviour’s birth to our children and grandchildren

Christmas Commercialism
Christmas is not all about commercialism, but an opportunity to give unselfishly

For All People
The birth of Jesus is, as Luke notes, a joyful event for "all people"

Initiating Love
The incarnation is the fleshing out of God’s deep love for everyone

Jesus - The Reason For The Season
First and foremost Christmas is about Jesus, the Son of God, and our worship of Him

Mary, the Mother of Jesus
How Mary must have felt when she realised her conception was from God

Solemn Stillness
Enjoy some solemn stillness as you celebrate the birth of the Saviour of the world

The Good News about Jesus
Jesus fulfilled the prophecies about the Son of God becoming the Messiah

The Shepherds at Christ’s Birth
God extends his grace to unworthy shepherds by revealing to them Jesus’s birth

Timing of Jesus’ Birth
Have you ever wondered about the timing of Jesus’ birth in history over 2000 years ago?

Wise Men and Shepherds
Having encountered the miracle of the birth of Jesus, I suspect the lives of the Shepherds and Wise Men were never the same again

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