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A Precious Friendship
God’s friendship is a precious friendship, and one that will never let us down at any time

Apple Of God’s Eye
God loves us in Christ and we are the "Apple of His Eye", i.e., the centre of His affection

God Doesn’t Keep Lists
According to David in Psalm 103, God removes our sins "Further than the east is from the west"

God - Light of the World
In the bible, God is compared to the light we receive from the sun

God’s Unchanging Character
Unlike the natural world around us, God’s love for us does not change with the passing of time

Jesus, the Godsend
A "Godsend" can be an unexpected gift, etc., but our biggest Godsend is Jesus

Long Lost Families
In a spiritual sense our Creator and loving Heavenly Father longs to welcome each of us into his family

My Forever Friend
The singer/song writer, Charlie Landsborough, once brought out a song entitled, "My Forever Friend." When interviewed on the radio he unashamedly said that Jesus Christ was his friend

Our Identity In Christ
Most people like to identify with someone or some organisation, but our true identity is to be found in Jesus Christ

The Power of Love
Jimi Hendrix once said, "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"

The Town Of Nain
One day as Jesus approached the town of Nain, he saw the body of a young man being carried out for burial and raised him back to life

We Are Family
From a Christian perspective believers are adopted into the Spiritual Family of God

Welcome Home
In Luke 15 Jesus tells a story to reflect the love of his Father for you and me. We call it the Prodigal Son

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