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Benefits of Gratitude
The role of gratitude in people exerts positive mental and spiritual benefits

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
The expression, "Between a rock and a hard place" is to do with difficult decisions we have to make

Helen Keller
Both blind and deaf from infancy, Helen Keller became an author and lecturer and could ’hear’ music through the tips of her fingers

How Good is Our Word?
God is in the business of being true to his word - a powerful example for us to follow

Jumping to Conclusions
Jumping to conclusions is unwise...better to hear well a matter before we answer it

Sorry - The Hardest Word
There are times in life when we need to say from the heart, "I’m sorry, please forgive me!"

The World’s Worst Prison
Jesus tells us that the worst prison we can enter is the prison of our unforgiving hearts and minds

What If...?
Looking back over your life, have you ever wondered if things could have turned out more successful had you only made better decisions?

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