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God Spots - Precious To God

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God Is Not Remote
The Apostle Paul in Acts 17 affirms that God is not far from each one of us. As such, he is only a prayer away

God Never Forsakes Us
In spite of our sins and flaws God, thankfully, is still willing to participate in our lives

God’s Omnipresence
Instead of trying to run away from God, let us run to him and experience his love and grace

Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord?
Is there a problem too hard to solve? Give it to your heavenly Father

Linger In God’s Presence
In our often busy and hectic world it is important to set aside some time to linger in God’s presence

Nicholas Vujicic
This young man who was born without arms and legs, has achieved amazing things in God’s service

Our Royal Heritage
The apostle Peter in his first letter (1:19) tells us that we are his Royal Priesthood, and he has destined us to share in his Kingdom for all eternity

Satisfaction in Christ
When we put our trust in God, he is more than happy to fill our inner being

Say "Yes" to God
In Jesus God says "Yes" to all of us. Yes I love you. Yes I am with you. Yes I will do anything to save you - even to the point of dying for you

The Power Within
The bible guarantees a Spirit-filled life to all who believe and put their trust in God

Worth a Closer Look
Each person is worth a closer look, because what we see isn’t always what we get

You Are Special
We are all God’s precious children - literally the "Apple of his Eye"

You’re Included
Our triune God is relational, and he invites us to participate with him in his loving relationship - not only for the present, but for all eternity

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