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January 2014

Because Magazine
A Letter To A Slave’s Master Richard Dempsey
Because He’s There  Hilary Jacobs
I Am A Rock Joseph Tkach
Letting Others Go Free James Henderson
Look Up  Fraser Henderson
Show Me  Fiona Jones

February 2014

Because Magazine
Amazing You! Sinead Henderson
Just Between Us Rick Shallenberger
Let Someone Else Do It! Tammy Tkach
Time to Change Gary Deddo
What Would Jesus Tweet? Joseph Tkach
Who Is God? Joseph Tkach

March 2014

Because Magazine
Heroes of Compassion Joseph Tkach
I Need A Hero Sinead Henderson
Miriam: First Lady Of The Exodus Sheila Graham
Searching For A Superhero Richard Fowler
The Patience Of God Joseph Tkach
What Does A Hero Look Like? 
Words Can Break Your Heart Lianne Trevarthen

April 2014

Because Magazine
A Hard Days Night Hilary Jacobs
“Don’t Cry For Jesus” Gary Deddo
Hope For The Missing Ian Woodley
Hope In Tragedy James Henderson
Walking In Circles Joseph Tkach

May 2014

Because Magazine
Can We Trust Science? Joseph Tkach
Earthrise Joseph Tkach
Looking For God Maggie Mitchell
What Are The Good Gifts Eben Jacobs
Your Mind-Blowing Mind! Richard Fowler

June 2014

Because Magazine
Christianity And Football Takalani Musekwa
God Is In Our Moments Tammy Tkach
God’s Relationship With His People In The Psalms Michael Morrison
Not An Ugly Duckling After All James Henderson
The King Lives Joseph Tkach
What Is Hell? Joseph Tkach

July 2014

Because Magazine
Her Beauty And Her Terror 
If I Say No, Should I Feel Guilty? Hilary Jacobs
The Big Bang Joseph Tkach
What Would God Not Do? Joseph Tkach

August 2014

Because Magazine
Hope In The Trenches James Henderson
Memories Of World War II David Bedford
My Father-In-Law Bill Adlington
Reminiscences Shirley Henderson
Roll Of Honour Pete and Hilary Wells
Syrian Jesus Joseph Tkach
Thankful Villages Peter Sheppard
War – In The Name Of Jesus? Ian Woodley
What Causes War? Joseph Tkach
WW1 And My Dad Tony Goudie

September 2014

Because Magazine
Hardwired To Believe? Joseph Tkach
Jesus Went With Him Tammy Tkach
Lost Forever, Or Are They? Eben and Hilary Jacobs
Top Of The Charts Joseph Tkach
You Poor Old Thing, You Jonathan Buck

October 2014

Because Magazine
A Piece Of The Picture Joseph Tkach
God’s Relationship With His People In The Prophets Michael Morrison
To Hell... And Back Ian Woodley
“We Don’t Trust You” Rick Shallenberger

November 2014

Because Magazine
Equally Yoked Joseph Tkach
Life Next? James Henderson
The Big Bang Points To Creation Joseph Tkach
The Lost Kite Jeb Egbert
The Road Of Bones Eddie Marsh

December 2014

Because Magazine
By Jingle! James Henderson
Jesus: Our True Worship Leader Joseph Tkach
Thinking Of... Barry Robinson
What Good Shall I Do This Day? Joseph Tkach

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