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Because Magazine 2015

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January 2015

Because Magazine
Jesus: Merely A Myth? Joseph Tkach
The Letter James Henderson
The $40,000 Dollar Couch Joseph Tkach
Where Was Golgotha? Keith W. Stump

February 2015

Because Magazine
LGBT Issues Joseph Tkach
Should We Bother? James Henderson
The Great Drought Joseph Tkach
The Tell  James Henderson

March 2015

Because Magazine
And The Oscar Goes To… Cliff Neill
Appreciating Baptism Joseph Tkach
Banquet Of Consequences James Henderson
Firmly In His Grasp! Ian Woodley
Homeless Jesus Joseph Tkach

April 2015

Because Magazine
Because You’re Worth It! Irene Tibbenham
Calling Out For Help Joseph Tkach
It’s More Blessed To Give Than To Receive  Denys Fell
May There Be A Road  Cliff Neill
The Party Manifesto Helen Francis
Voting And The Christian John Stettaford

May 2015

Because Magazine
A Word Of Knowledge Joseph Tkach
Gone To Sleep?  Tony Goudie
The Queen Mother’s Lying In State Philip Stevens
The Road To Forgiveness Cliff Neill
To The Glory Of God  Joseph Tkach

June 2015

Because Magazine
Faith And Politics: A Radical Approach Barry Robinson
Is There More? Gordon Brown
Lady Diana’s Funeral Joan Esom
Law And Grace Joseph Tkach
Liar Liar Joseph Tkach
The Big Deal James Henderson

July 2015

Because Magazine
Admiring The Divine Artist: Through Science.. Faith Ian Woodley
Hide And Seek Cliff Neill
Johnny Cash And The Captive Audience Joseph Tkach
Meet The Parents! Keith Hartrick
President Richard Nixon In Ireland David Bedford
The Centre Of The Centre Joseph Tkach

September 2015

Because Magazine
Explaining The Inexplicable Hilary Buck
God In The Lab Tony Goudie
Hello Pluto! Cliff Neill
Invisible Visibility Joseph Tkach
Lost In Wonder Cliff Neill
Seeing Is Believing? Gordon Brown
The Artist  Joseph Tkach

October 2015

Because Magazine
7th July 2015 Simon Williams
A Heroine For Our Times Cliff Neill
Attention - The Minds Most Valuable Resource! Richard Fowler
Boris – Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde?  Irene Tibbenham
Creator King Ian Woodley
META... What? Tony Goudie
The A-Team Joseph Tkach

November 2015

Because Magazine
The 1,500th Anniversary .. Anglo-Saxon Invasion Pam Maylin
The Night The Sky Caught Fire Michael Dandridge
The Remembrance Day Bombing John Magowan
The Return Of The King! Cliff Neill
Voices In The Desert Fraser Henderson
Wait For It Tammy Tkach
What I Learned From “Britain’s Got Talent”  Gordon Green
You’re Never Too Young Joseph Tkach

December 2015

Because Magazine
Jesus, Merely A Myth? Joseph Tkach
Noah Vs Jesus  Lianne Trevarthen
The Cherubim’s Story Ian Woodley
The Third Man Joseph Tkach
Will The World End By Christmas? James Henderson

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