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January 2016

Because Magazine
GROWING OLD: Bitter Or Better? Lianne Trevarthen
Momentary Happiness Vs Lasting Joy  Joseph Tkach
One Day It Will Be Redundant Cliff Neill
The Baby In The Guest Room James Henderson
We Are God’s Garden Joseph Tkach
What Are You Sending Out? Richard Fowler

February 2016

Because Magazine
Created For A Purpose! Cliff Neill
Feel The Beethoven  Joseph Tkach
G Is For Grace James Henderson
God’s Gifts Of Science & Technology  Joseph Tkach
Love Story Stephen de Jager

March 2016

Because Magazine
Fake Or Fortune? Cliff Neill
No More Sea James Henderson
The Peace That Passes Understanding Joseph Tkach
Titanic Rex Morgan
Walking, Talking Ad Joseph Tkach

April 2016

Because Magazine
Camp Hope Revisited Cliff Neill
Don't Cry For Jesus Gary Deddo
Queen Elizabeth “Grateful For God’s Steadfast Love” 
Seven Images Of Salvation Michael Morrison
The Expanding Universe Joseph Tkach
The Love Note From Space!  Richard Fowler

May 2016

Because Magazine
Amazing Grace Joseph Tkach
Cleaning Up The Story Eddie Marsh
Let There Be Light! Hilary Jacobs
Second Fiddle! Cliff Neill
The Tunnel With A Tale Richard Fowler
Voting And The Christian James Henderson

June 2016

Because Magazine
A Place To Call “Home” Fraser Henderson
“I Was A Stranger, And You Invited Me In”  Nova Musafiri Nyenye
Making The Unseen Seen Joseph Tkach
The House Of Squatters Jeff Fountain
The Way Cliff Neill
Who Next For Europe? James Henderson

July 2016

Because Magazine
A Spider’s Tale Diana Hall
An Eternity Of Surprises  Jonathan Buck
Explaining The Universe Ian Woodley
Eye Of The Storm Joseph Tkach
Science And Theology Rick Shallenberger

August 2016

Because Magazine
A Victor’s Crown Cliff Neill
Brexit - Choice Of The People, Or Manipulation...? Rick Shallenberger
“I Promise To Pay The Bearer On Demand” Richard Fowler
WANTED: Christ And Us Joseph Tkach
Why Differing Worlds Of Christianity? Hilary Buck

September 2016

Because Magazine
Champion Of The World Barry Robinson
Decisions, Decisions! Cliff Neill
Like Father, Like Son! Richard Fowler
Out On The Edge Joseph Tkach
Rubik’s Cube Keith Hartrick
The Spark Of Life Joseph Tkach

October 2016

Because Magazine
Bait-And-Switch? Joseph Tkach
fiat 500 & Minis Keith Hartrick
From Dust To Brilliant Light Cliff Neill
Grow Where You Are Planted Irene Tibbenham
Pokémon Go… ing Where? Richard Fowler
Take Up Your Cross Joseph Tkach

November 2016

Because Magazine
Broadcasting The Word Philip Stevens
Jungle Warfare Keith Hartrick
Just A Leaf? Cliff Neill
Open The Gates! Fraser Henderson
Was The Internet Predicted 2500 Years Ago? Richard Fowler
Where Is God? Joseph Tkach

December 2016

Because Magazine
...A Price Tag, How Much Would You Cost? Richard Fowler
Pondering Time! Cliff Neill
The Birth That Changes Everything James Henderson
The Stillness Joseph Tkach
Time To Read This Again? Joseph Tkach

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