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January 2018

Because Magazine
A Plan For You And Me Cliff Neill
Can Eminem Walk On Water? Richard Fowler
Divide And Conquer Carl Fredrick Aas
Hidden Value Joseph Tkach
Making Your Resolutions Work 
Our True Identity... Joseph Tkach
Very Good Ian Woodley
Why A Vision Board? Richard Fowler
Who You Really Really Are James Henderson

February 2018

Because Magazine
Digging Deeper For Our Resources Simon Williams
Making The Unseen Seen Joseph Tkach
Mosquitoes Irene Tibbenham
Snowflakes Matthew James Gray
The Awesome Free Gift Ian Woodley
The Problem With Plastic James Henderson
There Were Giants James Henderson
Whose Blue Planet? Richard Fowler

March 2018

Because Magazine
Jesus, The Truth That Sets Us Free  Joseph Tkach
Jesus? ... What Do The Historians Say? 
Resurrection Man Alan King
The Dead Sea Scrolls Come Alive! Richard Fowler
The Empty Tomb: Reasons To Believe Neil Earle
The Graveyard Mystery: What’s Your Verdict?  Ian Woodley
Why Would Anyone Want To Become A Christian? Rex Morgan

April 2018

Because Magazine
Bringing Peace James Henderson
Happy Are The Peacemakers  
Happy New Epoch?  Richard Fowler
Jerusalem: A Rendezvous With History Julie Wisdom McKinley
Leadership In A Time Of Uncertainty  John Stettaford
Napoleon, Nails And The Value Of Little Things Joseph Tkach

May 2018

Because Magazine
Building A Brain: Helping A Child To Learn And Grow 
Family Time David Gibbs
I Was Born (Again) This Way… James Henderson
L..ONELY? Here’s One Way Out Peter Mill
Our Rags To His Riches  James Henderson
Snap Out Of It! Carl Hill
The Heartbeat Of Christ Joseph Tkach
What Makes A Good Marriage?  Rachel Montgomery
Why Teenagers Need Boundaries?  Richard Fowler

June 2018

Because Magazine
Being A Chaplain In Sport Alan Bolding
Do You Have A Growth Mindset?  Margaret Mitchell
For Those Of Us Who Don’t Win...  James Henderson
Good News About Football Doug Palmer
Help In Running Your Race Richard Fowler
Releasing The Spiritual  James Henderson
Seeing In Colour  Joseph Tkach
The Church Of Football  Keith Hartrick
To Cheat Or Not To Cheat?  Richard Fowler

July 2018

Because Magazine
An Inconvenient Child  James Henderson
Customs Of The Sea Ian Woodley
Let’s Sing (for Joy!)  Richard Fowler
Mind-Body Connection 
Spiritual Breath  Joseph Tkach
The GSHS, Not The NHS! Keith Hartrick
We Are ‘Fearfully And Wonderfully Made’ Margaret Mitchell

August 2018

Because Magazine
David And Goliath 
How To Survive And Thrive 
I’ll Say it Again Greg Williams
Is Life Survival Of The Fittest?  Freddie Stevenson
Remember Now! James Henderson
Teen Titans Go! Josh Oram
The Gospel According To Mark 

September 2018

Because Magazine
Building Bridges Cliff Neill
Cast Your Care Irene Tibbenham
How Depressing! Alan King
Love Island – A Reality Check For Love  Richard Fowler
Origins Of Value Lavinia Mak
Real News  Joseph Tkach
Selfie Syndrome  Richard Fowler
To Let The Oppressed Go Free  Ian Woodley
Why Is There Power In Love? Richard Fowler

November 2018

Because Magazine
A Bridge Too Far?  Ian Woodley
A Soldier Of The Great War James Henderson
Conversations On A Plane Joseph Tkach
Keep Calm And Carry On  Joseph Tkach
Reducing Family Arguments  Richard Fowler
The Appreciation Factor  Jason Cornish
The Other Side Of The Coin  Cliff Neill
What Famous People Said About Communication 
What’s Next For Homo Sapiens? Richard Fowler

December 2018

Because Magazine
A Different Kind Of Peace Barry Robinson
Avoiding Partiality Greg Williams
Being First James Henderson
Charity Helps 
Cross-Cultural Care… From Robots!!! Richard Fowler
What Does Christmas Mean To You Maggie Mitchell
Why I love The ... Movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life!”  Andrew Montgomery

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