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January 2019

Because Magazine
Flipping The Pancake James Henderson
How I Lost My Religion James Henderson
Seeing With Different Eyes! Cliff Neill
Snippets: Finding Your Voice 
When Someone Takes Their Life… Richard Fowler
Where Do You Belong? Irene Tibbenham

February 2019

Because Magazine
A Flash Of Light Ian Woodley
Dinosaur Bones And Other Surprising Finds Cliff Neill
Mission To Earth Gavin Henderson
On Beetles, Birds, Moths And Worms Irene Tibbenham
Pearls Of Wisdom Cliff Neill
Science Said What?!  Jo Mortimer
Science Says We Have A God-Shaped Hole Richard Fowler

March/April 2019

Because Magazine
Divine Deliverance? Cliff Neill
Does Bad Debt Make You A Bad Person? Andrew Montgomery
Feed The World Peter Mill
Four Positive Companions Of Failure 
Joining Hands Ian Woodley
‘Prince Of Thieves’ Richard Fowler
The Peace Race James Henderson
The Value Of An Apology Barry Robinson
Things Can Only Get Better...? John Stettaford

May/June 2019

Because Magazine
How Big Is The Universe? Alan King
Il Divino Eddie Marsh
Lifelong Learning Hilary Buck
Love Changes Everything Cliff Neill
Moving On David Gibbs
Putting Words To It Richard Fowler
Recipes For Relationships Irene Tibbenham
You Are Being Watched Maggie Mitchell

July/August 2019

Because Magazine
A Climate Of Change Peter Mill
Mysteries Of Life And Death Ian Woodley
Reconnecting With The Earth Richard Fowler
Should We Sacrifice For The Planet? James Henderson
To The Moon And Back Peter Mill
Up In Smoke? Richard Fowler
Us And The Trees Maggie Mitchell

September/October 2019

Because Magazine
Do You Believe In Ghosts? Peter Mill
Let’s Talk About… Marcus Mak
On Another Planet James Henderson
Ten Things I Hated In My Life… But I’m OK Andrew Montgomery
Turning Hard Times Into Good Times Peter Mill
Where Is Sex Appeal Found? Richard Fowler

November/December 2019

Because Magazine
A Non-Event Shirley McLean
Government For The People Maggie Mitchell
The Gift Of Touch Jackie Mill
What Does Christmas Mean To You? Peter Mill
What Or Who Is Christmas For? James Henderson
Who Put The X In Xmas? James Henderson
Why The World Needs Another Story To Believe In Richard Fowler

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