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Because Magazine 2020

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January/February 2020

Because Magazine
2020 Vision Richard Fowler
A Day In The Life Andrew Montgomery
Finding A Rhythm In Life Michelle Fleming
Frankly, My Dear... James Henderson
Making The Most Of My Opportunities Barry Robinson
Mummy, What Is Circumcision? Simone Royle
The Parable Of The Dancing Bees Ian Woodley
Time Out, World Peter Mill

March/April 2020

Because Magazine
Did It Happen? Richard Fowler
Jesus, Fake, Fact Or Fiction? Richard Fowler
No Time To Die Barry Robinson
Not Staying Down James Henderson
Rose Garden Ian Woodley
Waiting Room James Henderson
Watching Over The Dead James Henderson
Why I Am A Christian Benjamin Sledge

May/June 2020

Because Magazine
Be Kind Barry Robinson
Breaking News Andrew Montgomery
Is It Time To Swipe Dating Apps Left? Richard Fowler
It's Only A Number Ian Woodley
Journey Through The Valley Barry Robinson
Look Out, Not In Richard Fowler
Shots In The Dark 
The Milk Of Human Kindness Peter Mill

July/August 2020

Because Magazine
All Lives Matter Gemma Saunders
Blood As Life Sophie Turfus
Closing The Door James Henderson
Light In The Darkness Barry Robinson
Pride And Prejudice Irene Tibbenham
Seeing Beyond LGBTQI+ Richard Fowler

September/October 2020

Because Magazine
Both Sides Now Maggie Mitchell
Is This The End Of The World As I Know It? Ian Woodley
Listening For The Quiet Voice Paul Woods
Medicine For Heartbreak Richard Fowler
Share Your Smile Barry Robinson
Unmasked James Henderson
Why I'm Not A Christian Corey Farr

November/December 2020

Because Magazine
All The Lonely People Irene Tibbenham
Christmas Cancelled E. Scrooge
Delete Your History Keith Hartrick
Fatter, Or Fitter? Peter Mill
Hope In A Child James Henderson
Mary Did You Know...? Richard Fowler
What Did You Get? Maggie Mitchell

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