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Barry Robinson
Death At The Oscars
by Barry Robinson

Death At The OscarsHello,

Many millions of people all around the world watched the Oscars this week. It’s an evening filled with laughter, music, dance, creativity, surprises, tears, and a few dodgy speeches.

People just seem to like the joy of living in a make-believe world for a few hours. But just about the time everyone is getting into the show we become aware of a disturbing reality. A touching tribute was paid to those show-business stars who had died during the last year.

It is things like this that can make most of us contemplate the frailty of life and realise how much we hate death. However, simply hating death cannot eliminate its power over us.

The Christian message is one that provides hope for the future. It claims that death is not the end because there is someone who defeated it by being resurrected from the grave.

If you are concerned about death and the future why not explore the claims of Christianity? You might just find them more captivating and more rewarding than the Oscars.

Have a good week,
Barry Robinson

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