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Barry Robinson
Good News
by Barry Robinson

Good NewsHello.

Sajid Javid made history as the first British-Asian Chancellor of the Exchequer – but may now be remembered as the second to never deliver a Budget. Following a cabinet reshuffle next week’s budget falls to the new Chancellor Rishi Sunak, but will it contain good news or bad? Will there be the good news of a rise in the National Insurance threshold, saving many workers around £100 a year? Or the bad news of a fuel duty rise? Will there be more spending on social care to provide people with dignity and security in old age? But to pay for it will councils be permitted to raise council tax above inflation? Good news or bad, or maybe both, we’ll just have to wait and see.

In contrast, the Christian message contains only good news. In Jesus’ death and resurrection there is forgiveness, healing and reconciliation for all humanity. This is not something you have to wait and see if it applies to you. Everyone is included, everyone is invited, there is room for all, even you and me. Now that’s good news to be heralded from the despatch box, and which I commend to those who hear.

Kind regards,
Barry Robinson

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