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Barry Robinson
Journey Through The Valley
by Barry Robinson

Journey Through The ValleyHello.

The news has been dominated this week with the election, terrorism, and the NATO Summit, so you could be forgiven for missing an announcement that slipped in under the radar. Psalm 23 is going to be portrayed as a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2020.

It will be a collaboration between The Bible Society and Sarah Eberle, an award-winning garden designer, who said this is the psalm she comes to in order to be peaceful when troubled. The design of the garden describes the journey through life, with a submerged rock at the front indicating that even starting out on the journey can be difficult and culminating with a broad rock where you can just sit and rest at the journey’s end.

When I think of this psalm, I’m reminded that in this world we are not immune from troubles – we all experience times when we are in the ‘valley of the shadow of death.’ But I’m also reminded that because the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, is with me during those difficult times I am just passing through those valleys and my ultimate destination is to be in the house of the Lord forever.

It’s that thought that helps me deal with some of the more negative news stories, such as the integrity of wannabe Prime Ministers, people slain on the streets of London, and can a ‘brain dead’ organisation maintain world peace?

Maybe I’ll pay a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show – it might remind me of the One who restores my soul.

Kind regards,
Barry Robinson

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