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Barry Robinson
Splendid Isolation
by Barry Robinson

Splendid IsolationHello.

With many people following the government’s guidelines to self-isolate at home, every day can feel like Groundhog Day where we are going stir crazy wondering what to do. Which is why I was encouraged to read that when Shakespeare was in quarantine as the plague swept through London, it is thought he wrote King Lear, Macbeth, and Anthony and Cleopatra. Time in isolation can lead to great things.

With more time available comes the opportunity to do all sorts of things we never had time for, like reading the book that’s on the shelf, painting the spare room, or making that phone call you’ve always meant to make.

It’s also an opportunity to explore more about God – Does he exist? If so, what is he like? How can he help in our current situation? It’s been said that there is no unknown God behind the back of Jesus, which means when you see Jesus you see God. If you want to know about God, looking at Jesus is a good place to start, and maybe now we have the time to do it.

Kind regards,
Barry Robinson

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