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Barry Robinson
by Barry Robinson


And the BAFTA goes to…

Then on to the stage comes the recipient of the best actor, or best actress, followed by one of those long rambling speeches. You know the one where they thank their fellow actors, their husband or wife, their parents, their children, a mentor that helped them at the beginning of their career, the public for coming to see their film, some even thank God. On and on it goes, with the audience getting more and more uncomfortable and the host getting twitchy because they are overrunning.

I don’t know how sincere these winners are in their outpouring of thanks but as I thought about it each one of us has a long list of people that we can be thankful for, even God – the question is are we?

Being thankful isn’t just for a night at the BAFTAs, it is something we can go on and on doing throughout our lives.

Is there someone you should say thank you to? You may not get a BAFTA for doing so, but you may just make someone’s day.

Kind regards,
Barry Robinson

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