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Barry Robinson
Time To Give Church A Try
by Barry Robinson

Time To Give Church A TryHello,

Today marks the end of Theresa May’s tenure of office as Conservative Party leader, though she will stay on as Prime Minister in a caretaker capacity until her party selects a new leader. For some her premiership has failed because of compromise with the EU and her failure to deliver the Brexit people wanted. For others she made a valiant effort to secure a withdrawal agreement and was let down by a lack of support from Parliament. History will no doubt reflect on the extremely difficult task of delivering Brexit, whoever the Prime Minister.

One thing that impressed me about Theresa May is that throughout all the ups and downs of her time in No10 she and her husband Philip regularly went to church each week, at a time when it’s estimated that only 11.4% of the UK population attend church once a month. As a Christian, regular church attendance has been of great benefit to me: In difficult times I’ve found inspiration in the worship, guidance in the teaching and encouragement from fellow believers; in good times I’ve been able to celebrate and rejoice in a family community; and in all times my faith in Jesus Christ has deepened.

If you are one of the 88.6% who don’t go to church regularly why not give it a try? It might just be better than you think.

Warm Regards,
Barry Robinson

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