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David Gibbs
Decisions, Decisions
by David Gibbs

Decisions, DecisionsHello,

The Euro elections were not meant to happen in the UK. As a result some are frustrated, others angry, many bored and hoards are disillusioned. Fingers are pointing in every direction looking for someone to blame or to take control. Yet as one political pundit stated recently; “We are where we are!”

As we can see and have probably experienced, life is full of unexpected consequences and surprises that often we don’t see coming. Consequences arising from the choices we make as individuals, as groups or as a nation. As I read my Bible, it too is full of surprises, with unpredictable outcomes like Jesus showing mercy to those who had made poor or wrong choices.

We also need to show a little mercy, patience and understanding to others who make decisions, especially when we may not agree. Also, perhaps extend a little kindness to ourselves in our decision-making because it is not always easy.

We never know what the end of a matter may be. Therefore, let’s pull together to support each other as we collectively face the consequences of our decisions.

Best Regards

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