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David Gibbs
Parables For Today
by David Gibbs

Parables For TodayHello,

When was the last time something made you smile?

This week the BBC launched its Christmas line-up of blockbuster movies that they hope will enhance the festive season with a number of feel-good and fun-packed stories. There is a saying that laughter is good for the soul and we are frequently looking for some good news stories or a distraction so we can smile for a while and lift our spirits.

Jesus came with Good News – loving to tell stories that challenged, provoked, encouraged and made some people laugh but always with a moral point. So, let’s have a little fun renaming some of the movies that will be on over Christmas. Instead of Finding Dory we could have Finding Jesus. Paddington 2 could be reworked as Hidden Treasure or the Pearl of Great Price. Alice Through the Looking Glass could be Jesus and The Great Banquet. Ok, enough!

Why not take a fresh look at some of the parables that Jesus gave. Have a little fun with them and give them a reboot for our context today. Discuss them with some of your friends and see what you can come up with. Laughter and storytelling are important because they draw people together and are good for the soul.

Lift your spirits with the stories of Jesus.

Best regards
David Gibbs

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