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Fraser Henderson
The Gates Are Always Open
by Fraser Henderson

The Gates Are Always OpenHello,

What is the purpose of a wall? In France work has begun on a UK funded wall, dubbed the “Great Wall of Calais” with the hope that this will help reduce the number of migrants attempting to gain entry into the UK. In the US, a wall along the border with Mexico has become a hot topic in the presidential debate. Walls have a long and storied history in human civilization, for millennia they were built to protect against invaders, yet in modern times walls have become more a symbol of division than of protection. Walls such as the ones already mentioned along with the Berlin Wall and the West Bank Barrier all demonstrate that the human solution to conflict is to create barricades to separate us from one another, but what is God’s solution?

There was another wall of separation in our history, one far greater than even the Great Wall of China, the wall of sin that separated us from God. Christ came into the world to break down this wall, calling us to join Him in His work of reconciliation. 2 Cor 18-21 God is not a God of separation but of unity, reaching out for all people to be unified in Him. The last mention of walls in the Bible is in the book of Revelation, where it describes the great and glorious walls of the New Jerusalem. Yet these heavenly walls have a curious aspect to them, their gates are always open. Rev 21:25

We would do well to remember that in Christ, there is no separation, all people are His and all are welcome within His Kingdom. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Let’s make sure that we are no the ones putting up walls of separation when we should be opening wide the gates of unity.

God bless,
Fraser Henderson

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