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Fraser Henderson
Thinking Positively In 2018
by Fraser Henderson

Thinking Positively In 2018Hello.

Did you know that your brain is programmed to believe bad news more readily than good news? At least that’s what I read in an article this week, and I believe it!

It’s the kind of news I’m prone to believe after all. It’s not that hard to recognize how this could be true. I’m sure, as you look back over 2017, you have many fond memories, but I’m willing to bet that, when you think about the world in 2017, it’s the stories of conflicts, celebrity deaths and crime that come to mind. No doubt such thoughts leave you feeling anxious about the state of the world.

There is one piece of good news that trumps all the bad pieces. It is the Good News that Jesus has come to redeem us from our sins, including our negative disposition.

The Bible tells us that, through our hope in Jesus, we are to dwell, not on the bad, but on the good, thus helping us find a peace in Jesus that wards off our anxieties.

In 2018, let’s make sure we go against our faulty programming, rather than thinking negatively. Let’s remember the Good News that Jesus brings and join Him in making our world a better place.

God bless,
Fraser Henderson

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