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Gavin Henderson
A Little Respect
by Gavin Henderson

A Little RespectHello,

How honest are you? Would you return a lost wallet you found?

A recent scientific study examined which countries around the world were most likely to return a lost wallet. The research discovered a surprising fact: the more money that was in a wallet, the more likely it was to be returned. They explained this result by suggesting that most people do not want to view themselves as a thief, and the more money that was in the wallet the harder it became to justify not returning the wallet to its owner.

What we think of ourselves can have a big impact on our confidence and mental health. We all want to think positively about ourselves, but for many of us, we struggle to view ourselves in a good light.

The biblical writer Paul struggled with this same concept. He found that despite his best efforts, he often let himself down and that he did what he did not want to do. Yet for Paul there was hope, because he had discovered in Jesus Christ that his identity was defined more by the love of God, then by the mistakes he made.

Maybe in our search for self-respect we need to be honest about our need for God’s love.

Warm regards,

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