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Gavin Henderson
A Message Of Hope
by Gavin Henderson

A Message Of HopeHello,

Brexit is in the news…again! Maybe you are like me and you find your patience for the whole political mess of the UK’s exit of the European Union wearing thin. But, while I was reading a paper in which the concept that Brexit would end in disaster was labelled ‘project fear’, a question popped into my head — is Christianity also ‘project fear’?

Is Christianity just about promising fire and brimstone to those who do not act in a certain way, or believe what Christians believe? Is Christianity about trying to placate an angry, vengeful God?

Interestingly, one of the most frequently used phrases in the Bible is ‘do not be afraid’. The Christian message is not about trying to instil fear, but rather it is a message of hope for those who are living in an angry and vengeful world. It is the message of our loving God who looks with concern upon a world that is filled with evil, and he desires, not our death and destruction, but that we may ‘have life and have it in its fullness’. John 10:10

Turn to Jesus and have hope.

Warm regards,

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