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Gavin Henderson
A Myriad Of Choices
by Gavin Henderson

A Myriad Of ChoicesHello,

The Scottish government announced today a 5 tier system of covid restrictions in Scotland. As we look around the world, there seems to be so many different approaches to dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic and the resultant economic hit. They can’t all be right, can they?

This is the same question that has sometimes been asked about the myriad of religions in the world today. Is one religion right and all the others wrong? Is it just a cosmic multiple choice question where you need to guess the answer?

We often face difficult choices in our lives, and sometimes it seems easier not to make a choice than to make the wrong one. Yet the startling claim of Christianity is not that you have to make the right choice out of the plethora of world religions, but that the right choice has revealed himself to us in Jesus Christ.

God, in his love, sent us Jesus to show us the way.

In this time of uncertainty and difficult choices, there is hope and comfort to be found in Jesus.

Best regards,

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