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Gavin Henderson
Coming To The Surface
by Gavin Henderson

Coming To The SurfaceHello,

Between the new TV drama Vigil and the recent announcement of a new defence partnership between the US, UK and Australia, submarines have very much being a trending topic. From a military perspective, the advantage of submarines is that they are able to move about underwater, unheard and unseen.

As a Christian, this is sometimes how I feel I live out my faith. Worried about being judged by others, or even worse, being asked difficult questions, I often move around trying to ensure my faith is unseen and unheard.

It is at these times I need to be reminded of the words of Jesus. In Matthew 5:16 he tells us that we are not meant to go through our lives hiding our faith, but instead to let our faith be a light to others.

Let your faith come to the surface.

Warm regards,

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