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Gavin Henderson
Crossing The Benches
by Gavin Henderson

Crossing The BenchesHello,

Why is it so hard to work together?

Perhaps you heard the recent news that the weeks of discussion between the two main political parties in the UK resulted in no agreement with regard to how to proceed with the UK’s exit from Europe. Many in their respective parties felt that the talks were doomed from the start – the differences between the two parties too great to be overcome. This seems to be the story of our times.

What about God? If there is a God, could there ever be an understanding between God and humanity? Are the differences between us too vast?

Christianity believes that this gulf was bridged when God became human, like you and me, in the person of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus we are able to discover who God is, and be assured that God knows what it is like to be one of us.

In this time of political madness, find comfort in praying to a God who understands you.

Warm regards,

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