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Gavin Henderson
Frozen Slumber?
by Gavin Henderson

Frozen Slumber?Hello,

What happens to our body after death?

A major feature in the news this week was on a legal case involving cryogenics. A 14-year-old girl had requested, before she died of terminal cancer, for her body to be cryogenically frozen in the hope that in the future she could be cured and brought back to life. The case revolved around her parents’ conflicting desires on whether to carry this out or have a traditional burial.

Is there hope for our body after death? Will we in the future be able to be restored to our body after death such as this girl hopes?

Belief in a bodily resurrection is a key part of the Christian faith and gives hope for those facing death. The early Christian writer Paul wrote that ‘we know that the one who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus’. 2 Cor 3:14 NRSV

There is life after death in Christ, not in frozen slumber but in his warm embrace.

Kind regards,

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