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Gavin Henderson
by Gavin Henderson


Do you want independence? The Catalonia region in northeastern Spain held a contentious independence referendum this week that was marred by violence. The legality of the vote and the trustworthiness of the results have been questioned and this has led to a tense standoff on both sides.

Despite the governor pushing for independence the Spanish government has stated that the constitution does not permit an independent Catalan state.

All this strife made me think of God. What Christians call sin has its roots in mankind’s desire to choose themselves over God. Mankind desires to do whatever they want, whenever they please, without thinking about the consequences. But what is independence from God? How can we exist apart from the God who created not only ourselves but the world, the animals, the plants and even the air we breathe?

The ancient writer of the book of Deuteronomy put this another way: the choice between a life lived with God and a life lived without God is really a choice between ’life and death, blessings and curses’. Deut 30:19

Choose life.

Turn to Jesus and live.

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