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Gavin Henderson
Kangaroo Island
by Gavin Henderson

Kangaroo IslandHello,

In the news this week there were distressing pictures of the destruction wrought by bushfires on Kangaroo Island in Southern Australia. The fires are not just a threat to human life – there are fears that the fires could lead to the extinction of several native animals unique to Australia.

Kangaroo Island has been described as a kind of Noah’s ark for many animals because it has not been affected by many of the deadly diseases and invading species that plague mainland Australia. For many Christians, the story of Noah’s ark is one they treasure because it tells of God’s desire to save not just humanity, but the rest of his creation as well. In the story God, through Noah, saves two of each kind of animal from an impending flood.

With the severity of the bushfires in Australia having been linked to man-made global warming, maybe it is time we learnt from Noah’s story and did something positive to prevent the ongoing destruction of our beautiful planet.

Warm regards,

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