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Gavin Henderson
Staycation Holiday Misery
by Gavin Henderson

Staycation Holiday MiseryHello,

“Staycation holiday misery”, “Covid infection rates in England are STILL going up”, “More than a quarter of Britons fear life will NEVER get back to normal”. These are some of the headlines from national newspapers in the UK today.

Perhaps, like me, you are tired of the bad news. In a world of over 7 billion people why does it seem that there are so many more negative stories out there than positive ones? At times, it feels almost overwhelming.

Personally I don’t believe despair has won but rather, that we have reason to hope. I believe that there is Good News that this world needs to hear. Good News that has the power to transform this world into a place that we will want to live in, that we will want our children to live in.

I believe in Jesus Christ.

If you are looking for hope, maybe you should too.

Warm regards,

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